Naumkeag Trust Building

The bank on Essex Street has been in Salem since the early 19th century. Over the years the building changed hands and has most recently been an arts center before becoming a monster museum.                       As if a wax museum full of monsters isn’t creepy enough, the scariest thing about the building is the basement and tunnels it constains that run underneath Salem.                   Like a lot of other old buildings in town the Naumkeag Trust building was used to smuggle goods like tea, sugar and molasses into Salem so local merchants could get around paying taxes on the goods. The tunnels were also allegedly used during the Civil War. Slaves used the tunnels to escape to the North where they could be free.                   Former employees who have been in the basement have claimed to see the apparition of a sailor. Strange noises as well as voices have also been heard at night coming from the basement. There are rumors that former slaves who were trying to escape to freedom on the Undergrond Railroad were buried in the tunnels under the bank in the mid-19th century.

Check out the Salem Ghost Map in iTunes for more info on the Naumkeag Trust Building and other haunted places in the With City.

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